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Client Comments - 2
Hello, David – so nice to see the pictures – thank you! 
It was fascinating to see your training techniques and I really felt I learned a lot from you.  Thank you for all the time you spent with Rosie.  I have a long way to go before I reach your level of expertise of course  (probably never!) but Rosie and I are working together and I think she’s getting it.   There is definitely an improvement and I will try to be diligent about reinforcing your training.  I know it will be more relaxing for all of us to have a quieter and calmer Rosie in our lives. 

Jenny Bignell
NW Washington DC


You were great--thanks for the help!

Please feel free to use as a reference--I'll also put in a word for you on
DC Urban Moms--we are very impressed with how quickly you were able to get
to the heart of the problem with both dogs.  We'll have to do a fair amount
of "re-training" ourselves, of course, but at least we are now hopeful that
we can create a peaceful pack order where the baby & Zappy can safely get

Look forward to seeing you again after our little one is here!

Sheila Hogan


"David recently posted an announcement regarding his dog training
services. I enthusiastically recommend David and encourage any dog owner
looking for help to call him. Over the past year, he has helped us
innumerable times with tips and strategies for training our now 14-month old

I've seen David take uncooperative dogs of ALL sizes - who were pulling on
their leashes or jumping up on their owners (or others) - and within minutes
have them responding to his directions and walking calmly beside him.

His own dog, Tessie, was a rescue with behavioral issues who now acts like a
modern-day Lassie. He's our very own Dog Whisperer - knowledgeable, caring,
and patient."

Kip Gregory