Her Name is Tessie

She was put up for adoption because she was “uncontrollable.” In her original household she ran with abandon, nipped at the children and frustrated the owners. At the Dawg-Rescue.org kennel, she quickly gained a reputation of being difficult to handle. Read More…..


Call or email today and schedule an appointment. I’ll demonstrate training techniques that will benefit your dog and family. By the end of the 1 ½ hour session you’ll see a NOTICEABLE difference in your dog’s behavior OR the visit is FREE. Nothing to lose except your canine frustrations.. Read More…..

David Schmucker & Tessie

Senior Trainer

Is Your Dog Misbehaving?

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Mixed Signals

Picture the last time you asked for directions.  After providing your destination (say, a new restaurant), the helpful person started to describe the route using words

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Calling Your Dog

You’ve seen it.  Some owners call their dogs and they come a-running.  On the other hand, some owners call and it is as if the dog is

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Training Commands

General Rules 1. Exercise, Discipline then Affection.  Run or walk off the excess energy before training. A dog cannot concentrate if he is pent up.  Use discipline to ask your

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Your Dog’s Body Language

The oldest book Amazon.com has on human body language is the 1970s book  Body Language by Julius Fast.  That was when we humans became conscious of body language.  While

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