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Hi, David – I’m glad that Helene called you right away and that you are scheduled to work with Lily.  We will certainly continue to spread the word.

Thanks again for all of the good advice you provided last night.  I know if we apply it consistently Bailey will be happier and so will we.

Your teaching style is very effective and of course your knowledge and insight into dog behavior is phenomenal.  It’s not hard to understand why you’ve been so successful with so many dogs.


Pat and Kevin


It is truly life changing – how you’ve taught us effective techniques which work with Cora to relax and listen to us.  Tonight, she is completely different.  Rob took her on a long walk later this afternoon using the skills you showed us and now I am working from home in peace and quiet right now – as Cora has ‘put herself to bed’!  You not only met, but exceeded our expectations!  You truly are the DC Dog Whisperer!

We will definitely recommend your sessions on the Chevy Chase Listserv and also to our neighbors, friends, and family.

Thanks so much again!  We’ll continue to update you on our success!

Keri & Rob

Dear David,

Watching you is like watching a magician!  Our dachshund had several behavioral problems that were driving us crazy. Just two hours later most of the issues are gone and the rest are improving! I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone with a misbehaving dog.  Thanks again.

Onorine Friedman

Thanks, David!
Dave and I are doing great with Lucy!  We enjoy such long satisfying walks with her, using the techniques you showed us.  In fact, I just came home from one.  She curled up on the floor with the look of someone who had just eaten a really good hot fudge sundae.  Or finished a really good book.  The other day I watched from an upstairs window as Dave came home from a walk with her.  You could see how plainly she was enjoying herself, how in sync she and Dave were as they walked, and how proud she felt next to him.  I thought back to the beginning, when I kind of wondered if she would just feel bossed around all the time.  Quite the opposite has happened.  She seems to consider herself our co-worker, out on a very important mission.  She seems to thrill at being able to anticipate what we want, and which direction we will take.   

My kids, by the way, have taught her to jump through a hoop, and climb the pirate ramp and ladder to their fort/jungle gym.  She definitely reminds me of a police dog, and surely is part German Shepherd. 

Your email was timely.  My parents just adopted a dog about seven days ago.  I sent them your link.

Thanks again, and keep those emails coming. 

Alison Gillespie


We are happy to be part of the family! We were amazed to hear just now, as we came home from a family outing, a single, round sounding, non-aggresive woof on the other side of the door to greet us!
Thanks for the help with the woof! 

Tom & Susan Herbert

David…thanks so much for coming to the adoption show today and spending time with Onyx and the other dogs. It was wonderful to see you working with Onyx…transforming really. Wow! We are all Caesar fans…and it was good to see in person how you have adapted some of his teachings. As he says, it’s really about training people…and I feel that I learned a lot from you today. Which means I will be able to be a better friend to Onyx.

You have a special gift. Thanks for sharing it with us and the Dawg dogs. And Tessie…what a wonderful girl!

Mary Lynn

Hi David-

I just sent around a recommendation for you to my whole office! Lucy is doing very well. She still has leash anxiety but is much better as long as we stay on top of it.

Thanks for helping her be happier in her own home.

Andrea Evers

Dear David,

“We here at the Humane Society would like to thank you for the time you so generously donated to help educate our staff.  Our dog handlers found your classes very helpful and informative.  All of our dogs are walking much better and our dog walkers are more consistent in their goals.  You have made a difference in our dogs’ lives!”

The Humane Society of Ocean City

“I have only one thing to say to you…..INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Actually, two things…….UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!”

With slobbering gratitude,

Marcia Hayman

“Thank YOU, David.  I was really gratified by his response and very much appreciated your methodology – “Easy Does It” indeed!  You will likely have at least one, if not two, more clients from my building, in addition to Augie.  Everyone is very impressed. “

Alice T

“Just a quick thanks for showing me and Henry how to have an enjoyable walk!  We practiced for another 30 minutes and did well!!  We hope to meet you again and demonstrate that you taught us how to walk!
Thanks for the gift of time and knowledge.”

Ann & Henry

“Thanks for the article and your help with Suzie.  I feel it was very beneficial to have this session and reinforce some basic skills to make her more confident.   What you did for us yesterday was awesome!  One thing is for sure, I will definitely tell any dog owner I know in the neighborhood of your services.  People are often puzzled by their dog’s behavior without knowing what to do!  Thanks again and see you with Tessie during our walks! “

M Hershey

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